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Landed safely in Rwanda

Canadian group arrives in Kigali

Leadership team

Leadership Team

Dr. Kae Neufeld, Mackensy Cumin and Susan Dueck from Edmonton have arrived in Kigali to help with the important work of YEGO Rwanda. Werner De Jong, pastor at Holyrood Mennonite Church in Edmonton, will be joining them in March to help with the retreat for male youth. The leadership team is planning for these upcoming retreats:

  1. Feb 28 – Mar 1: Walking Together in Hope, women and girls

  2. Mar 6 – 8: Kindness and Compassion, previous retreat participants

  3. Mar 13 – 15: Peace and Reconciliation, male youth

Sewing centre

Supplies for the sewing centre.

In preparation for setting up a YEGO sewing centre, the group plans to shop for sewing machines while in Kigali. Kae has also collected scissors, thread, pins and needles, measuring tapes, zippers, buttons and various other sewing aids to get things started. As Athanasie knows how to crochet and knit, Kae has brought along supplies to teach others these skills as well.

Presentation to teachers

Susan speaks about stress to school teachers

Susan talks to school teachers.

In the evening, Susan delivered a presentation on stress to teachers at Kigali Parents School. It was well received. Susan has a background in training and working with therapy dogs and is experienced with working with people who are stressed.

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