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Skills Training

Providing skills to help people out of poverty and into a life of self-sufficiency and dignity for themselves and their families

Music and Dance

Dance, music and drama help youth heal from social isolation, despair and anger which characterize trauma and depression. It is therapeutic and they can develop skills that lead to job opportunities.


In 2019, 10 youth were hired by various cultural dancing clubs in Kigali. These are paid positions that enable the youth to earn a living.


Computer-Assisted Learning

  • The computer-assisted learning program (CAL) is offered free of charge. It’s a 6-month program that aims to help women and youth who have not had the opportunity to go to university. The program provides:

  • - skills in computers and English 

  • - wider thinking and knowledge

  • - increased confidence

  • - support for healing

  • - access to the global world

  • - opportunities for employment

The first class graduated in March 2020. 

Sewing Program

With new sewing machines from India and sewing supplies brought from Canada, YEGO now has a thriving sewing program.

The sewing program provides students with tangible skills to enable them to earn a living to support themselves and their families.

There are more women signed up for classes than sewing machines available. Help to secure more machines would be greatly appreciated!

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