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Education Support

Removing barriers and adding hope for the future


School Sponsorship

YEGO helps primary and secondary students who otherwise would not be able to attend school by providing:

- school fees

- uniforms

- school supplies

Without this assistance, some children and youth would be left out of the school system.



When funds are available, YEGO helps support young people like Bea attain higher education. Bea recently graduated with a Bachelor of Hotel Management and is now helping support her mother and 8 siblings. 

Sanitary Supplies

YEGO helps girls stay in school  by providing free feminine hygiene products. Without this support, many girls will get so far behind in their studies each month that they drop out.

Sports Ministry

There is a shortage of sporting equipment in many of Rwanda’s primary and secondary schools. Without things like balls and jerseys, children and youth often don’t have the opportunity to participate in sport. 


YEGO works with five schools and their local administration to provide balls and other sports items to:

- promote health

- develop skills

- break isolation

- encourage team-building

- support healing from trauma and depression

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