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Healing from Trauma

Providing hope for a better tomorrow


Healing Retreats

The retreats are unique three-day weekend programs that are conducted in the lush Gihindamuyaga monastery resort located in Huye district, three hours away from Kigali. The purpose of these retreats is to provide healing for women who have faced various tragedies in their lives. This ministry began in March 2015 with one retreat for only 23 women. By 2020, three retreats were held in the spring that served:

  • professional women attending for the first time

  • returning women and girls

  • young men

The retreats can be defined simply as time spent away from one’s normal life for the purpose of starting the journey to heal from trauma. The participants share their story, build community and reconnect, usually through prayer, with God. These retreats were historically targeted to women and girls from low-income backgrounds mainly because that is a fair representation of the average Rwandan woman, but also because they are the ones most in need. But two additional retreats were added in 2020 to accommodate the needs of professional women and young men as well.

The retreats are facilitated by Dr. Kae Neufeld of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, who generously travels to Rwanda each year to give of her time, expertise and compassion. She is often accompanied by caring individuals from Canada who assist her. The retreats are coordinated and aided by YEGO Rwanda's core team


YEGO Rwanda provides counselling services to vulnerable Rwandan women and youth suffering from PTSD and other mental health issues. The goal is to help them heal and integrate body, mind and spirit. There is a plan to train volunteers in lay counselling skills to expand YEGO's ability to reach people and help them on their healing path.

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