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We need your help

If you've chosen YEGO Rwanda in your giving plan this year, we thank you! If you're still considering it, we could use your help. And there's still time to receive an income tax receipt for 2021.

We need help funding four retreats for women affected by trauma, planned for February 2022. This year we want to lead a workshop for women to learn counselling skills so we can reach and help even more people.

In addition, with 15 new students signed up for our sewing program, we need two more sewing machines to meet demand.

In addition to healing retreats and sewing machines, funding is required to:

  • run the daycare - staff, food and supplies

  • offer skills-training programs in computer-assisted learning, music and dance

  • provide support for children and youth to attend school - uniforms, fees and supplies

  • offer counselling, food and sanitary supplies

You can make such a difference!

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