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Eulogy for Yego Dancer


Honorine always had a smile on her face.

Honorine was born in 1996. Her home is located in Ndera in the northern part of Kigali but her parents come from the northern part of Rwanda. Honorine’s father died when she was still an infant. She was raised by her mother in traumatic and challenging life conditions. But her mother tirelessly did all she could to make ends meet with her only child.

We got to experience Honorine’s light when she joined the Yego family back in 2012, when she had some difficulties coming to terms with her childhood issues. The Yego youth dancing program helped her to break her isolation, share her issues, receive counselling and heal. This dance program became an outlet to express her unspoken feelings. Yego Rwanda continued to be there for her, providing some of her basic needs for school, plus counselling and followup when she finished high school in 2016.

Honorine, 3rd from left, with Yego dancers.

After she finished her secondary school education, Honorine secured a cleaning job in the industrial zone. She was able to help herself and her mother, giving their lives a little stability. She continued to be part of the dancing program. Honorine was a very good dancer and helped mentor younger dancers.

After being ill for two days, Honorine passed away suddenly, leaving her mother and doctors oblivious of what caused her death. She left us on the 16th of April, 2020. May her soul rest in peace.

We were left in shock after losing such a beautiful soul who was recovering from her wounds. Everyone who knew and appreciated Honorine are devasted to lose this young lady who had such a promising future. It was also painful to us because we were unable to attend her funeral due to the coronavirus lockdown. But we are happy that, along with some of her fellow dancers living close by, we were able to visit her mother to convey condolences on behalf of the Yego family.

Honorine’s mother (in dress with red bows) with her neighbour and Yego dancers.

To this day, we haven’t fully recovered from losing our beautiful, vibrant soul that was a joy to be around.


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