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Letter from Emmanuel


After months of recovering from the first lockdown, our numbers hit quite the peak this January and many lives have been lost. With 15,834 cases and 208 deaths all in the span of a year, it wasn’t a surprise that another lockdown was issued on January 18, 2021.

Some YEGO beneficiaries have also tested positive for corona virus. As we follow up with them through phone calls, we know of two who are currently sick. They are being treated and taken care of as we continue to pray and hope for the best of recoveries.

In addition, some of YEGO’s single mothers have been trying to pick themselves up after the last lockdown. But they are now facing many challenges in this lockdown because as the cases increase, the rules get stricter. Many are having difficulties feeding their families. Most of these households have young children who are part of Gatesi Day Care, but now spend all day with their mothers who have no way to provide food for them.

We approached the police and local authorities, in consultation with our board, to get permission to shop for and distribute food to our beneficiaries. Divine and Athanasie did the shopping at Kabuga centre while I packed the food for transportation (see image). We provided 10 households (35 members) with:

  1. 5 kg rice

  2. 5 kg maize flour

  3. 5 kg sugar

  4. 1 L cooking oil

  5. 1 bar of washing soap

  6. 1 packet of salt

The distribution of food took place yesterday, Feb 3 at Kabuga for three households living near the market centre, then at our Masaka office for four households that live near the office. Thereafter we drove to Kanombe, Remera and Kimironko where we provided food to the remaining three households.

As we came together with these beneficiaries, they were overjoyed because of the support provided by the YEGO family (Rwanda and Canada) who decided to help them have food at their table at least for a week.

Our thanks to YEGO Canada and all our donors for the great support to YEGO Rwanda. It is making a difference in the lives of our beneficiaries at a very critical time of history when the world is grappling with a deadly pandemic that is ravaging humanity.


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