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YEGO Canada


Past fundraising events have included African-inspired dinners, musical concerts, dance performances and talent shows, all held at St. Andrew's United Church in Edmonton, Alberta.



YEGO Canada is the fundraising arm of YEGO Rwanda. We work in partnership with St. Andrew's United Church in Edmonton, Alberta to help support the work of the Gateras and their team in Rwanda through:

  • fundraising initiatives

  • raising awareness of the work in Rwanda

  • developing communications materials

    • website

    • social media

    • publications


Meet the team

The YEGO Canada support team consists of:

  • The Rev. Dr. Geoff Wilfong-Pritchard, Co-chair

  • The Rev. Dr. Gordon Oaks, Co-chair

  • Doug Taylor, Treasurer and St. Andrew's Liaison

  • Chris Standring, Secretary

  • Shirley Wilfong-Pritchard, Communications

  • Dr. Anne Hill

  • Joy Sanyu


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