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Counselling Services and Healing Retreats

Counselling has helped the beneficiaries of YEGO Rwanda – women, girls and boys. Most of the women who attended healing retreats have healed, recovered hope, and are eager to work hard and earn a living.

COVID-19 has added another layer of trauma and has been a stumbling block in people’s lives. But YEGO staff have kept touch, encouraging them and addressing these issues in their talks.

YEGO also provides counselling support to abused children, street children and others – women, youth, men and families – who are living in panic or have lost dear ones to COVID-19.

The impact of past healing retreats on traumatized girls has been great. The girls who have healed were able to make important decisions in their lives this year. In fact, in 2021 we celebrated the weddings of four young ladies. YEGO Rwanda staff were happy to attend these weddings and see these former beneficiaries healing, transformed and marrying to create their own families.

Brandine, pictured here, is one of the pioneers of our healing retreats. She invited Athanasie and Emmanuel to stand as part of her family at her wedding, as she is an orphan.

How you can help

If you would like to support YEGO’s continued ability to provide counselling services and healing retreats, click here to donate.

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